Only one in the world.

Friday, November 25, 2011


All the shit you have put me through you think i'd be done. Truth of the matter is , i can't get enough of you. I wish you would talk to me. The hate hurts. Sometimes i think of alternative actions.. hurtful ones, but then a self reality checks goes and i realize you aren't worth it. Wish it would last longer than just to get me not to cut. I miss you so much. All of the little things mean so much more to me. just a text would put me in paradise. I feel as if we hungout you might miss me. BUT once again ... reality check. You don't even miss me. You don't want me back. You don't get jealous of other boys talking to me. You don't even like me. THIS IS HELL. All i really want is for you to want me. You have before so why don't you now? what changed in a month. NOTHING! you got bored of me AND sad to say we didn't even date and i was in love with you. Its funny how i say "was" like i don't anymore. BECAUSE I DO! if you only knew all this stuff. If you saw me cry every night would you want me back? hmm its a thought that i guess no one will ever know. I want to text you and apologize but i don't have anything to apologize for. YOU do. There is nothing more i can do and that right there kills me. i have lost all hope in us. I MISS YOU.