Only one in the world.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Why is it that every time i see you i fall in love with you all over again. I don't understand why HE has to be the ONE guy i can't get over. he isn't perfect, but then again who is. He is the worst guy to like for forever. Unfortunately i feel like i won't stop comparing other guys and get over him until i get the chance with him. And i'm not talking like i have in the past. Because those just leave me wondering even more. i want a for sure back from him. a " i like you a lot Morgan" or " you mean a lot to me" how about " will you be my girlfriend" god i am so pathetic. this will never happen. i know it won't so maybe time will help..? nope i have said that way to many times.Maybe going into high school with so many hot guys around will help me. i am sure counting on it because if that doesn't i don't know what will. its crazy how happy he makes me. i look so foolish just when i open a text from him. Last night he put his arm around me. we sorta held hands. I had an amazing time. I was in paradise. He text me this morning. it made me feel like he really had a good time too. that he thought of me. Also last night he changed his contact in my phone. BUT then i think about things, maybe even a little too much. And i know he probably does this with tons of girls. and he probably texts a whole bunch of chicks. He is super attractive. it wouldn't be hard for him to get a girl. so why would he choose me. WELL he wouldn't i know if it came down to it and there was another prettier girl he would ditch me in a heartbeat. and there i go again. i get that feeling in my stomach that you could compare to the flu or food poisoning. Anyways its an awful feeling. I have wrote this whole thing and thought about it so much and i bet you all i have that he hasn't thought about me at all. Which is fine. it just hurts.