Only one in the world.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Doin' better(:

The more i think about it the better i feel, well most of the time. there are still times i miss you.. like when i see you. But i will have to get used to that. By the time i am over you it will be a normal feeling. you have taught me a lot. In a way you are a blessing. i have learned several lessons from the experience you have put me through for 3 months now. its kind of ridiculous to see that i am still not fully over you. You think a girl as tought as i may appear inside is a real softy. So if you didn't know, i have feelings and really is tough. When your friends call me a slut, well hey thats hard to hear but its whatever. i gotta get over it... Doin better so thank you.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Since then

Since then.. i have got stronger
since then.. i don't trust easily
since then.. i have learned my lesson
since then.. i've been working on gettin over it
since then.. you have talked shit
since then.. you haven't talked to me face to face
since then.. you haven't cared
since then.. i'm invisible
since then.. i talk to all your friends
since then.. i have acted like i don't care
since then.. i feel like i am a joke to you
since then.. i haven't told anyone the whole story
since then.. you think i'm pathetic
since then.. you hate my guts
since then.. you have got your friends involved
since then.. you talk to her and make me jealous
since then.. i've missed everything about you and the more i think about you the harder it is to get over it. i have tried almost everything. i don't like anyone and don't think i will for quite awhile. i have done things that i regret. i want to be a badass and live up life. P.A.H.A.I.C with be my new motto<3