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Friday, February 15, 2013

Little Mistakes

well here i go again. Making dumb little mistakes. i really think i effed up this time though. she is going to be so pissed. i realize that it wasn't the smartest idea to do but i can't deny i didn't enjoy it. he is such a caring cute kid. to be honest in my opinion he really is perfect. He plays EVERY sport, soo smart, caring, and must i say quite handsome. hah. i really wish it could go somewhere.. but i know it didn't mean anything to him. So i tell myself it didn't mean anything to me either. What can i do. Plus he is HER ex. yikes its a sticky situation. Whats funny is he has been my dream boy since i met him.. Never thought this would happen. The most important thing is that things don't get awkward because if i can't have him as my boy i at least want him as my friend. He is such a good guy. probably one of the best i have ever talked about on here. Its sad that i'm not even that hurt about this. Last year i would have flipped out and assumed crazy things.. over exaggerated. But now here i am not even really stressin it. i hope things get better from here. i just want a boyfriend. someone who is committed, wants the same things i want and will treat me right. Is that to hard to ask for? hah i guess...

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