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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


soo i have this issue. Everything is perfect. i don't wanna eff up anything. so what does my mom do? brings in braces. i am soo scared he won't like me anymore. the thought kills me. i don't even know what to do. i mean it is an option, but i want pretty teeth. One thing i must mention is that my teeth aren't that bad as of right now, they just could be better. its really irritating that NOW, almost sophmore in high school, i get the option to get them. i know i am going to look soo bad with them and its really upsetting to think about. Something else i must mention is i just made Varsity cheer. soo i will have to be smiling all the time! And if i really do look awful, then no one will like me. And going a whole year and a half with someone not liking me sounds crazy, i feel like a loser. i soo don't want them. i tried talking my mom into invisalign but its a 1,000 more. yikes right? i am having a break down. i know i sound like a spoiled brat right now, but it really is hard. i know there are harder things in life but i don't wanna look in the mirror for a year and a half feeling ugly. or not wanting to take pictures because i feel soo ugly. i guess it will teach me a lesson on beauty isn't everything, right? ha wish i could learn some other way. in fact i do understand its just my insecurities get in the way. Its getting to the point where i am afraid i will lose friends. i know i won't, because i have awesome friends, but that thought hurts soo bad, STILL! I feel awful saying all of this. its annoying and i get that. But it stresses me out soo much i have cried the past two nights. and i know the day i get them on i will cry for two days straight. its gonna be a tough one, so i will let you know how it turns out. The toughest part is wondering if he will stay with me.

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